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Automotive SPICE

The importance of the SPICE Group's standards is growing along with the high level of SW utilization in transport and the development of e-mobility. The requirements of car manufacturers for suppliers of products including SW, data management and integration of SW and HW currently take into account in particular the following standards:


  • Automotive SPICE

  • Hardware SPICE

  • Agile SPICE

  • Automotive Spice for Cyber ​​Security

  • Formula Q Capability Software

  • KGAS

  • Cyber ​​Security according to ISO 21434


We provide technical support and related services for the above topics:


  • Training and individual education

  • Gap analysis

  • Assessment

  • Integration of standards into the quality system

  • Potential analysis & Technical review

  • Revision of compliance with information security requirements

  • Project acompany quality manager

  • Evaluation of projects according to KGAS

  • SQIL services

  • Revision of requirements according to Formel Q Capability SW

  • Assessment for AGILE Projects

  • Evaluation of projects according to Hardware SPICE





  • Internal structure of functional safety standards

  • Relation of Automotive SPICE to other standards

  • Supplier requirements

  • Requirements for the SW development process

  • Process reference model

  • Process evaluation model

  • Use in practice



Product sheets to download:


aSPICE for auditors CZ aSPICE for auditors EN

aSPICE for management CZ aSPICE for management EN

aSPICE for CZ developers aSPICE for programmers EN

aSPICE quality support CZ aSPICE quality support EN

aSPICE preparation for audit CZ aSPICE preparation for audit EN



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