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Technical Inspections

Technical inspections

First article inspections (FAI)  are now expected in most fields of manufacturing, in particular aerospace, automotive, and medical manufacturing.

Technical inspection usualy consists of measuring the properties and geometry of sample item to see if it meets specifications.

Despite the name, the inspected article is not always or necessarily the 'first' in any sense. Mostly we speak about dimensional inspection.


Purpose to require First Article Inspections:


• To verify the accuracy of drawings and ensure that they reflect any changes made to parts design during the prototype design.

• To verify the production process in every parameter, rather than just concentrating on “critical” dimensions.

• To verify all tooling used to produce a part, to ensure that it is capable of producing parts to specifications.

• To verify the ability of the manufacturer to meet the needs of production.


We are capable to work FAIR with you. FAIR = First Article Inspection Report


Loading and/or unloading services are here to ensure the status of product before shipment or after delivery is same as expected, particularly in terms of quantity and quality. It is ready for global traders who want to prevent also prevent costly mishandling of goods.


We can cover issues like:

  • Quantity check

  • Traceability records, incl. codes, and numbers crosscheck with real goods against packing list or invoice

  • Verification of external and internal operating conditions of containers

  • Cleanliness inspection of trailers or containers

  • Temperature monitoring inspection

  • Packaging

  • Labeling

  • Shipping marks for regulatory compliance (for example bar code checks)

  • Documentation of any damage observed during loading / unloading

  • Photographs of packing and loading processes

  • Documentation of container, vessel and seal number


After loading we add seal as proof of transport content touch.

Manufacturing inspection

It is imperative that manufacturers verify that the products manufactured, shipped and distributed meets industry, government regulations or its own specific requirements. In such cases we can help you as an independent, third party inspection and testing company. We can conduct a variety of on-site inspections to ensure that your brand, reputation and consumers are protected.


Quality Inspections can help manufacturers:

  • Ensure product safety prior to shipping

  • Minimize the amount of defective merchandise

  • Reduce customer complaints due to inferior products

  • Detect merchandise containing non-standard or non-compliant components

  • Eliminate late shipments


There are many available inspections as follows

  • Pre-Production Inspections

  • Production Inspections

  • Random Inspections

  • Loading Supervision


all these inspections can monitor your manufacturing process – from sourcing the right supplier through final delivery of finished product.


Ask us to make sure your products are in line with your expectation

Non-conformity resolution

Sorting and inspection made by Proofest is a service, carried out by trained personnel with years of experience. The workflow manager oversees that operatively cooperates with the customer. In this activity we offer

  • visual inspection of the surface of parts

  • measurement of angles and lengths of parts

  • functionality inspection

  • specific properties

  • documentation service


Customer receives the exact results of actions. The customer is kept informed about the work progress

Reaction times - orders are managed in 24 hrs from your order.

Correspondent Rework services according to customer requirements are also available.

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